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Who is Ignia?

Measure twice, code once.

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Strong code starts with a strong plan. Ignia crafts projects from the ground up. Before laying down any code, we work closely with stakeholders, domain experts, and designers to understand your business objectives, develop a common language, and identify potential risks to the functionality, cost, and timeline. If we discover risks, we propose practical alternatives that honor the spirit of the design.

Ignia collaborates closely with product and design teams to translate your business and functional requirements into modern web and mobile applications. We put an exceptional level of care and detail into the implementation, ensuring the functionality reflects the same degree of craftsmanship as the user experience. This partnership allows us to produce applications that work exactly as they‘re intended the first time.

We specialize in data-driven applications that span multiple devices, and benefit from our experience building catalogs, communities, editorial experiences, and data services. We have worked extensively with clients around the globe, and integrate with international teams, third-party vendors, and localized content with ease.

Ignia has a passion for building applications and products that last. It isn’t enough to build a website or an app that just meets today’s requirements–it needs to be designed with the future in mind. We architect our code to anticipate new features, future designs, and novel devices.

And once the application launches, we respond to metrics and adapt features to account for emerging requirements and usage data.

Rely on Ignia‘s twenty-five years of proven experience and expertise in web and mobile applications so you can remain focused on what you do best, without worrying about technical debt or distractions.

What you can dream up, we can build. Beautifully.

Services We Offer

Bright Ideas Need the Right Tools.

Cloud-Based APIs

Web services provide the backbone of modern applications—from smartwatches to online kiosks—not only by retrieving the data each device needs, but also responding intelligently to user requests. Ignia specializes in modeling flexible, developer-friendly APIs that meet existing needs while anticipating additional data and devices in the future.

Data Storage

Cloud-based APIs start with data storage. Extensible data services are fundamentally rooted in an organizational structure and naming conventions that are intuitive and easy to query, naturally lending themselves to intuitive client libraries and APIs. Simultaneously, the performance and scalability of the application depends on expert optimization of the schema and queries.

Content Management Systems

Ignia has extensive experience with a variety of content management systems, including localization services and community applications. Importantly, we emphasize configuring these platforms to be presentation-agnostic, so the information can be utilized by web services to support different devices and use cases, not simply one-size-fits-some web pages.